THE ENTITY (2015) Reviews and overview

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The Entity is a 2015 Peruvian horror film produced and directed in 3D by Eduardo Schuldt from a screenplay co-written with Sandro Ventura. The movie stars Rodrigo Falla, Daniella Mendoza, Carlos Casella, Mario Gaviria and Analú Polanco.


Four college students investigate a series of internet reaction videos originating from the so-called Deep Web, revealing a terrifying curse that dates back to colonial times, which is manifested as a skeletal wraith that starts killing them…


“In his first horror outing, Schuldt directs with the confidence of someone who’s been making ghost stories for years. He milks all possible tension out of the previously mentioned cemetery, a creepy and foreboding place one would never want to set foot in; those stretches, with the students running around tombstones and crypts, are this movie’s most effective.” Screen Anarchy

“Spending no time on subplots or diversions, The Entity sticks with the story at hand, and ends up being pretty damn enjoyable in the process. Minor twists and turns occur throughout, but the film mostly stays on its predetermined path—and that’s not a particularly bad thing. The Entity is a harmless, entertaining romp that seems to have a really fun time sticking by the age-old found footage blueprint.” Cinema Slasher

“There is an additional twist beside the familiar found footage of stirring up a paranormal hornets’ nest and suffering the consequences, set up by a few sly looks and throwaway lines from one of the principles, which requires a flashback montage near the end to make the plot point stick.  With broad strokes characterisations, halfway decent half seen demons and nice use of locations that are full of arcane clutter (a cavernous university library, the graveyard), it’s a decent enough effort but likely to just go on the pile of similar films.” The Kim Newman Web Site

The Entity doesn’t stand out amongst the masses of other Found Footage ghost movies that have been saturating the market for the last few years. It’s standard and lacks fun. The only moment that spiked my interest was an early scene where I noticed that they use what sounds like the moaning of the witch from the game Left 4 Dead. If that was a friendly nod to the game, or just sneaky recycling of someone else’s audio, it was a vaguely interesting moment in a pretty bland film.” UK Horror Scene

“There is a payoff during the final 15 minutes when the teens realise they are in over their heads with something powerful and supernatural. There is even a plot twist, adding a shock factor to the final moments of The Entity. There are dashes of originality to be had here, giving The Entity merit despite it’s over saturated subgenre bindings.” Infernal Cinema


The Entity is of a much higher quality than I ever expected, it is a good horror though it is flawed in lots of places. I was impressed with the special effects, thankful the CGI effects were sparsely used, and the plot while simple and not making much cohesive sense (at all) was still enjoyable to follow. For a genre I pretty much detest I could not stop watching, so that shows this movie does at least a few things right. This isn’t a great film but it is dumb fun.” The Rotting Zombie

“The twist surprised me, in a “Huh. That was nice” sort of way. But a mildly refreshing ending and subtle, eye-catching performances can’t save the movie from its flat script, poor lighting, par-for-the-course shaky cam and visually uninteresting monster. I like to think that the found footage film isn’t dead yet, but La Entidad is certainly a nail in its coffin.” Addicted to Horror Movies

“There’s nothing new to see here – aside from the outrageously weak explanation of video footage from the Spanish Inquisition. I’m sorry – what? But here’s the thing, even a ludicrous technology tie in can be forgiven if the film itself dazzles you – I mean, why exactly is The Ring’s Samara working her evil spell via VHS? No one cares because that video is creepy as hell and the whole movie brings it. These are not phrases you will find associated with The Entity.” Screen Relish 


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