Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind – Brazil, 1978



Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind (Portuguese: Delírios de um Anormal) is a 1978 Brazilian horror film directed by José Mojica Marins. Marins is also known by his alter ego Zé do Caixão (in English, Coffin Joe). The film features Coffin Joe as the central character, although it is not part of the “Coffin Joe trilogy”.


The story is built around a montage of scenes that were omitted or censored from four of Marins’ earlier films: Awakening of the Beast, This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse, The Bloody Exorcism of Coffin Joe and The Strange World of Coffin Joe. Marins filmed approximately 35 minutes of new scenes, also adding the characters to the plot. In the film, he portrays himself as well as the fictional character of Coffin Joe.



Doctor Hamílton is a psychiatrist terrorised by nightmares in which Coffin Joe tries to steal his wife. His colleagues decide to seek medical help with the assistance of filmmaker Jose Mojica Marins (appearing as himself), who tries to reassure Doctor Hamílton that Coffin Joe is merely a creation of his mind…



“Things open the usually bizarre way with a man screaming, a hunchback playing a bongo drum while walking circles around a bikini-clad woman, female body parts appearing from out of frame, hand-crafted credits with blood-dripping lettering on yellow paper, distorted, slowed-down chanting and a nightmare sequence of Coffin Joe admiring an obedient, subservient “superior woman” while simultaneously chastising his competition (“… anguish and pain is the perpetual punishment for the weak and inferior ones!”) Bloody Pit of Horror

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” …it does collect the strongest, funniest, most gruesome and most imaginative imagery of all the Coffin Joe pictures. This does not make the film an ideal starting point for fans of the genre that really want to get to enjoy Marins’ work. Ripped from their original plot the scenes lose most of their value reducing the director and his creation to a caricature.” Razor Reel


” … an excuse to show a seemingly endless barrage of crazy imagery consisting of scenes that were omitted or censored from four of Marins’ earlier films. One of these four films is Awakening of the Beast, which is a much better example of the director’s attempt at meta-horror.” Letterboxd




  • José Mojica Marins as Himself/Coffin Joe
  • Jorge Peres as Doctor Hamilton
  • Magna Miller as Tânia, wife of Doctor Hamilton
  • Jayme Cortez
  • Lírio Bertelli
  • Anadir Goi
  • João da Cruz
  • Alexa Brandwira
  • Walter Setembro
  • Natalina Barbosa

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