The Invaders Meet Frankenstein! – comic



The Invaders Meet Frankenstein! was issue 31 of The Invaders Marvel Comics series, published in August 1978. The comic features Captain America and Bucky, Sub-Mariner, the original Human-Torch and Toro:

‘During the darkest hours of World War Two, these five heroes have banded together as The Invaders – to battle the Axis powers to the death, in the name of freedom!’

‘Heil Frankenstein!’: It seems that the Nazis have brain-washed Frankenstein’s Monster hoping to replicate the process of his creation in order to unleash an army of undead soldiers. This issue was guest written by Don Glut (also a keen amateur horror filmmaker), with pencils by Chic Stone, inks by Bill Black, and colours by George Roussos.




Image thanks: Magazines and Monsters