CELLO (2005) Korean horror


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Cello – Korean: 첼로 – is a 2005 South Korean horror film directed by Lee Woo-cheol and starring Sung Hyun-ah, Park Da-an and Jeong Ho-bin.

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After surviving a terrifying car accident that killed her best friend, Mi-ju longs for a peaceful and stable life as a music teacher at a local college. But when horrifying memories of her accident begin to surface, her tranquil life quickly becomes a nightmare. A supernatural evil seeks revenge against her and her family, and until she knows the reason why no one is safe…

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“At a time in which many Western genre films are dumbed down to the point of idiocy, any film that expects its audience to do a little work to join the narrative dots has to be seen as a good thing. And when prepared to stand on its own creative feet, Cello tells its story well, aided by decent performances and an effective music score.” Cineoutsider

“There are two notable things about Cello: some nice cello music and humorous moments involving Mi-ju’s cute as a button young daughter. Alas, everything else is lacking, with the first hour feeling like an eternity, mainly because nothing happens to warrant keeping your eyes open at all…” Beyond Hollywood


“Although the cinematography and music are quite atmospheric, the film’s attempts to balance all these elements and more means that the pacing is erratic and just as the film starts to weave its spell we cut to another aspect of the story and watch it build up to something intriguing before once again before cutting away again.” DVD Beaver

Cast and characters:

Sung Hyun-ah … Hong Mi-ju

Park Da-an … Kim Tae-yeon

Jeong Ho-bin … Jun-ki

Jin Woo … Kyung-ran

Kim Na-woon … Sun-ae

Jin Ji-hee … Yoon-hye


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