The Poltergeist of Borley Forest – USA, 2013 – overview and reviews

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‘It will not rest in peace’

The Poltergeist of Borley Forest – formerly You Will Love Me – is a 2013 American horror feature film directed by Stephen McKendree (You’ve Got Hell) from a screenplay by R. Presley Stephens.

The movie stars Marina Petrano, Christopher Ingle, Rhea Rossiter, Weston Adwell, Nicholas Barrera, Jason Beck, Rebecca Barrow Hall, Cortland Woodard, Chris Cook, Lisa Shorts, Mary Trzcinski, Chris Wandembergh, Mary Chauvin.


After visiting a supposedly haunted forest, a teen girl comes to believe that a violent poltergeist followed her home and is stalking her.


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“There’s not much of a killing spree here. It’s going to take a good while to even get violent, which is weird. Then when we discover just what the ghost was actually after, it’s a strange sort of let-down. This could have been a lot more than it was, but the plot is sub-par, the effects are lackluster, and frankly, there’s something off about the audio engineering.” Steve Anderson, Technology Tell

“While the setting might look scary, if the character in the shot is not convincing then the entire scene fails. And sadly, that is the case for the majority of this film. With an entire forest at the director’s behest, the acting, or lack thereof, take away from what could have been some genuinely creepy moments.” James McDonald, Moviepilot

“It’s a horribly acted, badly written, subpar directed and laughable effects ridden student film that should have never seen the light of day.  There’s not a single frame within that holds any sort of serious scare or dramatic appeal (not even the supposed clever backstory!) – a real feat for a 103 minutes film.” Jason Coleman, Starpulse

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2 Comments on “The Poltergeist of Borley Forest – USA, 2013 – overview and reviews”

  1. Sorry, I pressed before finishing.
    So at the end when they destroy the bad twin, and she finally realized that it was wrong twin, as she finds the other half of picture, it suggests a number 2 film, to find other bad twin in borley Forrest. The movie I suppose didn’t have any lasting impact for a franchise. Such as bwp, I haven’t seen number 2. Sill a A minus and a cult following 😃

  2. Well, I would say, for not so main stream acting the acting is actually great for an A- film, good plot, poor story line,
    Lacks even a good scare, their editing technical is poor as if they used 1980’s, computer program to make the effects, good job for the people who had to do effects on a low budget, and it worked for what they had to work with. I love this movie even with all the continuity flaws, and all, sits on the back line of a teen thriller, good general approach to movie making, I. Give it a A minus, and possibly it could become a cult movie ☺

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