Bloodmarsh Krackoon – USA, 2014 – reviews



‘No one dumps on The Bronx… and lives’

Bloodmarsh Krackoon is a 2014 American comedy horror feature film written and directed by Jerry Landi. It is a sequel to Landi’s 2010 movie Krackoon.

The movie stars Sal Amore, Scott Barile, Anthony Bisciello, Bob Connelly, Joseph Ferri, Cindy Guyer, Alfonzo Hollis, Gina Di Salvatore Longarzo, Robert Lil Bob McCall, Rosario Russo, Martin Vanihel.


It is one day after the events of Krackoon, in which Redeye, a crack-addicted mutant raccoon, administered righteous revenge to crooked Bronx politicians and the abusive parents of his only human friend, Tommy Caputo (Joseph Ferri).

On the night of the murders, two workers from Balzone Industries (Anthony Landi, Joe Brynne) illegally dump toxic waste in the Locust Point marshlands and stumble upon the massacre inflicted by Redeye and Tommy. They escape the marsh and two baby raccoons ingest the waste, which causes them to mutate.bloodmarsh-krackoon4

The next day, police chief Patton (Bob Connelly) and deputy mayor Peter Rabbit (Sal Amore) visit the scene of the murders and are shocked to discover that mayor Karl Denham was among the victims. Rabbit is the only person alive besides Tommy who knows that Redeye is behind the mayhem…


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“Landi definitely develops a lot in terms of cutting out the slow bits, offering up more of a story, and developing some of the characters in the sequel. There are also a lot better effects in the sequel, with a full body transformation into a man-sized raccoon towards the end and CG raccoons incorporated which are practically animated, but a lot of fun.” Ain’t It Cool News

“The plot itself is the only redeeming factor of this entire mess. My heart goes out to those that were coerced to be involved in a project that will most likely be discarded to the depths of YouTube, someday to be unearthed by a youthful stoner and then quickly fizzle away, like the last of my brain cells as the credits rolled on this film.” Horror Talk

“Fans of throwback creature features will appreciate seeing the practical gore. The CGI stuff looks pretty terrible, but that’s to be expected, and actually adds to the cheesy vibe that Landi is obviously going for.” DVD Verdict

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