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‘Innocent co-ed… or bride of the Devil?’

Mark of the Witch is a 1970 American horror film co-produced and directed by Tom Moore (Return to Boggy Creek) based on a screenplay by Mary Davies and Martha Peters. Composer Whitey Thomas’ synthesizer score is one of the earliest of its type ‘music by Moog’; he later scored Nail Gun Massacre (1985).


The film stars Robert Elston, Anitra Walsh, Darryl Wells, Jack Gardner, Barbara Brownell, Marie Santell, Gary Brockette, Sande Drewes, Lawrence DuPont, John Figlmiller, Sylvia Rundell, Lori Taylor.


A three-hundred-year-old witch terrorises a college town to get revenge on the descendant of the man who persecuted her…



 … inept, but a dated, groovy attempt at the witchcraft genre that some will find amusing and fairly watchable […] there are a few bits of blood, but it’s mainly safe drive-in fare for the curious. Anitra Walsh is very sexy, and she pulls off the transition from naïve student to wicked witch nicely, although sometimes she comes off like a secondary character lost in a time warp on an episode of Bewitched.” DVD Drive-In


Mark of the Witch is your typical, generic, cheap early 70s witchcraft film, filmed in the sort of colour that lets even brown look like a primary colour, with competent but not interesting direction and amateur actors … The early 70s atmosphere is quite interesting here – the characters aren’t hippies (I repeat, it’s made in Dallas), but young and hip enough to have taken on all the worst characteristics of hippiedom, especially an incredible amount of sexism…” The Horror!?

“Very tame considering the subject matter, it’s filled with nice kids who wear bangs and miniskirts, and who listen to lite music (by Sonny Bonniwell of the Music Machine).” Michael J. Weldon. The Psychotronic Video Guide


Choice dialogue:

“I have never in my life experienced any supernatural powers, never won a bingo game.”

“Time is nothing to the Devil’s favourite child!”



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