Dead Story – USA, 2015 – reviews


Dead Story is a 2015 American supernatural horror film directed by Indian-born Suneel Tripuraneni from a screenplay co-written with Bruce W. Durbin (Terror Talk; Hack House). It stars Kelsey Deanne, Chase Austin and Jessica Willis.

Dead-Story-Kelsey- Deanne-2015


In December 1914, a young bride, Caitlin, brutally murdered her husband, while he slept in his bed, at a remote Texas ranch. Again, in December 1944 and 1994, more horrific murders took place at the same ranch. In December 2014, Anne and her husband, Harold, have just moved into the ranch, believing that it offers the solace that they both crave.

On their first night at the ranch, their friends, Emma and Neil, throw them a housewarming party, with Neil asking them if they’ve heard the story of the ranch. Neil begins to tell them that this is a ‘Dead Story’, as it will get you “dead”, as opposed to a ghost story, which is just meant to scare you…



“There is quite a bit of over acting throughout the movie, which lends itself to the overall obvious feel. Additionally, there are large spans of little activity that neither build suspense nor advance the plot, while fade-outs happen inexplicably in the middle of scenes. Audiences who like their horror campy will enjoy this movie.” Celebrity Café

“There are also a few effects here and there that let you know the folks behind the camera cared about putting together a good movie and paid attention to detail […] Unfortunately, there are small details like a disappearing character (not in a mysterious way, just a silly mistake) and the over-the-top acting from the actress who plays Harold’s mom…” Horror Talk

“When Dead Story isn’t boring you with predictable scares, it’s boring you with uninteresting dialogue. The lighting and shot compositions are passable, but the editing has no concept of tension, or momentum for that matter.” Monte Light, Horrorfreak News

“It’s strange to me that they would pick one story and build an entire movie off of one basis. Especially when that story comes from a character who isn’t mentioned after the opening scene in which he appears and then provides nothing else to the movie. This film is humdrum trite to sit through.” Irish Film Critic

“The dialogue is mostly bland, but that mother-in-law adds a lot of hilarious moments. She is just a stone cold bitch and tears down Anne whenever she can, I wish she was around throughout, but she is absent through most of the middle of the movie. Anne has some moments as well, but the mother-in-law steals the show and earns the points here.” Marc Fusion

” …as predictable and transparent as one wouldn’t hope for. Outside of Rodgers’s scathing performance as the ultimate “evil mother”, the rest of the cast make it far too easy to not give a rip about any of their safety in the situation – in some films it works to a glorious advantage, and in other facets it can drag a movie down to a seriously regrettable level.” Dread Central


Main cast:

  • Kelsey Deanne
  • Chase Austin
  • Jessica Willis
  • Sheril Rodgers
  • Jay Bowles
  • Jason McRoberts
  • Christopher Phipps

Filming locations:

Celina, Texas


In North America, Dead Story was released on VOD on January 20, 2017 via STIF Entertainment.

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