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‘More heads, more deads!’
3-Headed Shark Attack is a 2015 American action-horror movie directed by Christopher Ray [as Christopher Olen Ray] (5-Headed Shark AttackMega Shark vs. Kolossus2-Headed Shark Attack) from a screenplay by Jacob Cooney and Bill Hanstock (Age of Tomorrow).


The Asylum production stars Danny Trejo (Dead in Tombstone; Volcano Zombies), Karrueche Tran, Jena Sims, Jaason Simmons (Sharknado), Rob Van Dam, Dawn Hamil, Kimberly Battista, Scott Thomas Reynolds, Carlos Javier Rivera.


The world’s greatest killing machine is three times as deadly when a mutated shark (the result of ocean pollution from dumped garbage) threatens a small cruise ship. As the shark eats its way from one end of the ship to the next, the passengers fight the deadly predator using anything they can find…


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3-Headed Shark Attack is the story of three boats and the people on those boats.

One boat is a booze cruise that’s full of rich kids and their bikini-clad girlfriends. You really only have to take one look at these people to know that almost all of them are doomed. However, they certainly are not helping matters by tossing all of their empty beer cans into the ocean. Little do they know that there’s a giant shark with three heads following the trail of cans.

On another, much smaller boat, there are the survivors of the 3-headed shark’s previous attack on the Persephone research lab. They are scientists, environmentalists, and a few student interns. They may have been dedicated to protecting the environment but the three-headed shark obviously couldn’t care less. While these people seem to be a little bit more competent than the drunks on the booze cruise, it’s still hard not to feel that they are all equally doomed.

And there’s one final boat. The people on this fishing boat have guns, which in theory should be helpful against a three-headed shark. Even more importantly, Danny Trejo is on this boat! If anyone can defeat a three-headed shark, it’s Danny Trejo, right!? SyFy advertised 3-Headed Shark Attack as “starring Danny Trejo” but, to be honest, Danny’s role is pretty much a cameo. But that’s okay. Danny Trejo is always fun, regardless of how much screen time he has. Plus, the film smartly uses Danny’s badass persona to keep the audience off-balance.

3-Headed Shark Attack is a surprisingly sombre film, one in which likeable characters are just as likely to be killed as unlikeable ones and where the ocean frequently turns red with innocent blood. For those who, as a result of the Sharknado films, have gotten it into their heads that all Asylum films are comedies, this film proves otherwise.

If you love the Asylum style of filmmaking, you’ll find a lot to enjoy about 3-Headed Shark Attack. This is an entertaining work of underwater mayhem that delivers exactly what it promises.

Lisa Marie Bowman, guest reviewer via Through the Shattered Lens

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The film was unleashed on DVD and VOD on July 11th, 2015. It also aired on Syfy later in July as part of their 2015 ‘Sharknado Week’.

Cast and characters:
Karrueche Tran … Maggie
Jaason Simmons … Dr Nelson
Rob Van Dam … Stanley
Danny Trejo … Max Burns
Jena Sims … Dr Laura Thomas
Brad Mills … Greg
Scott Thomas Reynolds … Ryan (as Scott Reynolds)
Rico Ball … Omar
Dawn Hamil … Alison
Bob Constance … Brad
James Poule … Brian
Steve Norris … Steve (as Stephen Norris)
Larry Gamell Jr. … Dr Leonard
Mark Nager … Seth
Preston Simmons … Zach
Stephen Harwick … Mark
Jazy Berlin … Polly
Anna Mercedes Morris … Sasha
Kayla Campbell … Lindsey
Brianna Ferris … Rosemarie
Nestor Fuentes … Maurice
Carlos Javier Rivera … Howard (as Carlos Rivera)
Jacqueline Schmidt … Vanessa
Eric C. Schmitz … Betts
Scott Alan Warner … Sandoval (as Scott Warner)

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