Amityville Shark House is a 2022 American horror film that somehow involves a shark and a house in Amityville! A plot synopsis is currently unavailable… Directed by Will Collazo Jr. …

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NO SHARK (2021) Preview of comedy horror

No Shark is a 2021 existential comedy horror film about a shark-obsessed young woman who visits various New York beaches in hopes of encountering one. Written, photographed, directed, edited by …

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TINTORERA (1977) Reviews and overview

‘There’s a monstrous killer churning up the sea…’ Tintorera is a 1977 Mexican-British action film about two shark hunters who flirt with an attractive British lady while hunting down a …

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SHARKULA (2021) Preview of comedy horror

Sharkula is a 2021 American comedy horror film about a Great White vampire shark and its undead assistants. Written, directed and edited by Mark Polonia, the Polonia Brothers Entertainment-Very Scary …

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JAWS (1975) Reviews and overview

Jaws 45th-anniversary limited edition 4K Ultra HD release specs have been revealed by Universal, for a release dated on June 2nd 2020. In addition to a Blu-ray and Digital copy, …

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