A Christmas Horror Story – USA, 2015 – reviews

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A Christmas Horror Story is a 2015 American supernatural horror anthology film directed by Steven Hoban (Darknet), Grant Harvey and Brett Sullivan (Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed) from a screenplay by James Kee, Sarah Larsen, Doug Taylor and Pascal Trottier (Hellions) for Copperheart Entertainment.

The film stars William Shatner (IncubusThe Horror at 37,000 Feet; Kingdom of the Spiders) and George Buza.

Commenting to the London Metro, William Shatner has said: “I think A Christmas Horror Story will tickle your horror bone. It’s a making-a-face-and-coming-out-of-the-closet-and-scaring-you kind of story.”


Image Entertainment distributed the film theatrically and on VOD in the US. An RLJ Entertainment Blu-ray and DVD release was released on November 24, 2015. Social media reported that US supermarket chain Wal-Mart had changed the name of the film to A Holiday Horror Story.

The film received a British DVD release via Entertainment One on 9th November 2015.

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Christmas: a time of Joy, Peace and Goodwill, unless you happen to live in the town of Bailey Downs. Here, on Christmas Eve, joy is corrupted when a malevolent spirit traps three teens in a school basement intent on recreating a twisted version of the Nativity story.


Peace is shattered when a family returns from a snowy forest with the perfect Christmas tree only to find something is terrifyingly wrong with their seven-year-old son. And goodwill is perverted when a not-so-nice family is hunted down by Krampus, the demonic anti-Santa Claus of Nordic mythology. Even Santa Claus himself is drawn into the horror when he has to fight off a horde of howling Zombie Elves before making his rounds…


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” … some decent chills, like the first glimpse of the changeling’s true face in the mirror, and some nicely black Christmas morality as Krampus punishes the wicked … or goes one-on-one with an enraged, battle-scarred tough guy Santa just before a hilarious yet tragic reveal of what’s really up in town. The snowy setting and use of ironic Christmas music adds a little flavour to the eggnog – this really does do for Christmas what Trick ‘r’ Treat did for Hallowe’en.” The Kim Newman Web Site

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“The choice to alternate between stories instead of presenting them as separate chapters contributes significantly to the picture’s lively feel, and despite having a trio of directors telling stories in four different genres … the film never feels schizophrenic. Throw in an absolutely killer twist at the end, and this is a package many fright fans will want to unwrap every year.” John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

“Coming to conclusions for each story in a largely satisfactory manner and featuring an unforeseeable gut-punch ending, A Christmas Horror Story definitely sticks the landing—a feat that can be particularly difficult for horror anthology films—and tells bold, uncompromising holiday-themed tales along the way.” Derek Anderson, Daily Dead

“Like just about every anthology film ever made, A Christmas Horror Story is a mixed bag — of gifts and coal presumably — but as a whole it lands as a mediocre affair. See it for Shatner and the Santa vs zombie elves segment, but be sure to get a gift receipt.” Rob Hunter, Film School Rejects

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“I wonder how much it costs these days to get Shatner to sit in a chair and babble complete nonsense for like 20 minutes. The movie is alright, but one thing that bugged me a little was the lack of a unified tone. There were three directors working on this and the stories in the anthology each feel like they belong in different movies.” Bloodcrypt


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