Leprechaun 4: In Space – USA, 1996


‘One small step for man… One giant leap for terror’

Leprechaun 4: In Space is a 1996 direct-to-video horror comedy-science fiction-horror film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith (Turkey Shoot; Night of the Demons 2; Leprechaun 3) from a screenplay by Dennis Pratt. It is the third sequel to horror hit Leprechaun (1993).

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On 30 September 2014, Lions Gate released a Blu-ray collection of all the Leprechaun films in the US.


On a remote planet, the Leprechaun attempts to court a princess named Zarina, Queen of the Damned, in a nefarious plot to become king of her home planet. The two agree to marry, with each partner planning to kill the other after the wedding night in order to enjoy the marriage benefits.


A platoon of space marines arrive on the planet and kill the Leprechaun for interfering with mining operations. Gloating over the victory, one of the marines, Kowalski, urinates on the Leprechaun’s body. Unbeknownst to Kowalski, the Leprechaun’s spirit travels up his urine stream and into his penis, where his presence manifests as gonorrea. The marines return to their ship with the injured Zarina, whom they plan to return to her homeworld in order to establish positive diplomatic relations.

The ship’s commander, the cyborg Dr. Mittenhand, explains his plans to use Zarina’s regenerative DNA to recreate his own body, which was mutilated in a failed experiment. Elsewhere on the ship, the Leprechaun violently emerges from Kowalski’s penis after he is aroused during a sexual act. The marines hunt the Leprechaun, who outsmarts them and kills most of the crew in gruesome and absurd ways…



” … retains little beyond the concept of a diminutive, demonic, wisecracking Irish stereotype (Warwick Davis) picking off meatheaded Americans. Pretty much everything else goes out the window in a space “epic” with ClipArt visual effects, a confusing subplot about royal succession on a far-off planet, and a bizarre amount of screen time dedicated to a naked German cyborg who won’t stop making Wizard Of Oz references.” A.V. Club

“Cheerfully ripping off the Alien films, with numerous Star Wars references thrown in for good measure (well they would do, considering Warwick Davis was in one of them), whilst the film had potential, this actually proves to be one of the least entertaining of the series. The jokes don’t seem to work as well this time…” Realm of Horror


” … an incomplete, wonky, immature, campy, chuckle-fest. It is certainly worth your time.” 90 Lost Minutes

“… here, he’s just an ill-tempered jokester who kills the space soldiers because the genre requires it. The plight of Dr. Mittenhand, both as cyborg (a human head, shoulders, and arm on a wheeled mechanical base) and multilegged mutation, is in fact given almost as much attention as the film’s ostensible star.” TV Guide

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“You’ve got a murderous leprechaun, in space, with a green lightsaber who, at one point, comes out of a guy’s erect penis. You’ve got a sexy space princess who suddenly decides to show us her boobs telling us “this is your fate!”.

You’ve got a cross-dressing general. You’ve got a half-man/half-machine tyrant with a thick Colonel Klink-style cartoon German accent. But I shouldn’t ruin it for you: just watch it and see the wonders that Leprechaun 4: In Space has to offer. Then get a good drink.” Adam Ezagouri, Retro Critic


“The CGI is of the early generation home brew variety you’d expect to see in some of the first Star Wars fan films. The make-up and practical effects are just as bad with the Leprechaun’s look being the best of the bunch. The whole project reeks of a rushed and overly cheap production which ruins a lot of the moments that could have been enjoyable (the Mittenhand spider monster).” Geektastic

” … the whole concept is an excuse for humor, intentional but not very funny, and OK effects, some involving penises and big bugs.” Mike Mayo, Videohound’s Horror Show

Choice dialogue:

Leprechaun: “Let that be a lesson to you lad, always wear a prophylactic!”

Sticks: “Oh maaan, 21st century and they still can’t dance!”


  • Warwick Davis as The Leprechaun
  • Brent Jasmer as SSgt. Books Malloy
  • Jessica Collins as Dr. Tina Reeves
  • Guy Siner as Dr. Mittenhand/Mittenspider
  • Gary Grossman as Harold
  • Rebekah Carlton as Princess Zarina
  • Tim Colceri as MSgt. Metal Head Hooker
  • Miguel A. Nunez Jr. as Sticks
  • Debbe Dunning as Priv. Delores Costello
  • Mike Cannizzo as Danny
  • Rick Peters as Mooch
  • Geoff Meed as Kowalski
  • Ladd York as Lucky
  • James Quinn as Computer Voice

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