COSMIC DAWN (2021) Reviews and release news for UFO cult movie

‘May you reach the dawn’ Cosmic Dawn is a 2021 sci-fi thriller about a young woman who joins a UFO cult to deal with her mother’s apparent abduction by aliens. …

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Top B-movie ‘Alien’ rip-offs

Inseminoid (1981) Alien 2: On Earth (1980) Contamination aka Alien Contamination (1980) The Intruder Within (1981) Forbidden World aka Mutant (1982) Creature aka The Titan Find (1985) Xtro II: The …

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NIGHT FEEDERS (2006) Reviews and overview

‘When the hunters become the hunted’ Night Feeders is a 2006 American science-fiction horror film about a meteorite that unleashes nocturnal alien creatures in North Carolina. Written and directed by …

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