THE VISITANT aka PARANORMAL ENCOUNTER (2014) Reviews and overview



‘Don’t be afraid of the dark… Be afraid of what’s in the dark’

The Visitant aka Paranormal Encounter is a 2014 American supernatural horror film directed by Jon Binkowski from a screenplay co-written with Stephen DeWoody. It stars Michele Feren [Simms], Patty Bender, Stephen DeWoody, Chris Dinger, Ana Eligio, Sallie Glaner, Lauren O’Quinn and Tracy Wiu.


Samantha is a middle-aged woman who plays the role of a fortune teller at a local amusement park. But for her, she is a thorough sceptic about paranormal activities and all things supernatural. And she certainly doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Having recently suffered a tragic loss she is at a crossroads in her personal and work world as she questions what her future now holds. But one night alone in her house, she is about to learn that there are dark forces that don’t care whether she believes or not, or what her situation she is in…

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“The film looks fantastic, and the soundtrack, filled with chittering industrial rhythms and distorted sitars, sounds like early Coil. The acting is uniformly fine with Sallie Glaners’ jittery, tormented performance as the original conduit for the malevolent spirit particularly standing out.” Horror News


“The vast majority of the time is spent with just the lead, Janie Michele Simms. She’s forced to say really silly things and do even sillier things, all while dodging the presumably numerous crew members sprawled around the floor shaking the tables. The biggest surprise? She actually sells it.”

“On the plus side, there were some scenes that had a creepy film to them. On the minus side, the acting, dialogue, and writing all could have been better, and nothing about the story was unique or unexpected. The end result is a fairly average horror movie.” Bob Letterboxd



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