The Dark Side of Midnight aka The Creeper – USA, 1984 – overview and reviews


‘By knife, by rope, by axe. Bye bye!’

The Dark Side of Midnight – aka The Creeper – is a 1984 psycho thriller feature film co-produced, written, edited and directed by Wes Olsen (who also stars). It was distributed by Troma Entertainment in the US and overseas. The German title is Blood City.



The movie stars James F. Moore, Wes Olsen, Sandy Schemmel, Dave Bowling, Dan Myers, Dennis Brennan.


Specialist private detective, Brock Johnson is called in to investigate a series of murders in Fort Smith, committed by a killer, known as ‘The Creeper’. His investigation is hampered by the corrupt local mayor, who has bought reams of local land as he is attempting to attract a new university to set up campus…



Reviews [click links to read more]:

 … a pure exercise in ineptitude at every level. Local theater actors with little to no in-front-of-camera experience shout their dreadful dialogue, move their eyebrows and bob their heads a lot, amplifying every nuance in case the people at the back can’t see it – oh wait, it’s a film, not a play.” Vegan Voorhees

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“You just can’t fake bad acting like that seen in this film. Such a thing requires a certain level of earnestness — the poor people are just trying so damned hard — to make the awkward delivery and unnatural rhythms truly funny. Also: mustaches! If you like mustaches — and who doesn’t like a mustache? — you’ll love this mustache-filled film.” Kernunrex


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“In 1984 Wes Olsen wrote, directed, produced, edited, and starred in The Dark Side of Midnight. Since he had so much on his plate he obviously forgot his lines a bunch of times and cast a lead who slurred his lines so bad your television practically turns into smell-o-vision with wafts of booze strong enough to get you buzzed.” Hollie Horror, Letterboxd




Choice dialogue:

“Rough spot isn’t the word for it, Bill”

Filming locations:

Modesto and Oakdale, California, USA



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