Virus: Extreme Contamination – Italy, 2016 – overview



Virus: Extreme Contamination is a 2016 science fiction Italian horror feature film directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (Red KrokodilHouse of Flesh Mannequins; Bloody Sin) from a screenplay co-written with Antonio Tentori (A Cat in the Brain; The Three Faces of Terror; Dracula 3D).

The plot was “freely inspired” by The Colour Out of Space, a short story written by American author H.P. Lovecraft.

The movie stars Halil Budakova, Michael Segal, Rimi Beqiri, Merita Budakova, Vilson Spaqi, Adrian Vila, Hasan Lushi, Adem Kicaj, Avni Lushtaku, Faik Gashi, and Paola Barale.


An Italian scientist moves to Kosovo to study the impact of a meteorite that is the cause of some strange events. Once there, he discovers that the object has been moved in a near military base where all the people were turned into dangerous weird creatures… 

Filming locations:

Prizren, Kosovo