The Faith of Anna Waters aka The Offering – Singapore, USA, 2016 – reviews



‘The chosen will be sacrificed’

The Faith of Anna Waters aka Anna and The Offering is a 2016 American-Singaporean supernatural horror film written and directed by Kelvin Tong (The Maid) for Boku Films and PEP Pictures. The movie stars Matthew Settle, Elizabeth Rice and Pamelyn Chee.



When successful reporter Jamie (Elizabeth Rice) finds out that her sister has died mysteriously, she travels to Singapore to uncover the truth.

There, she discovers multiple deaths linked to her sister and must join forces with her sister’s husband (Matthew Settle) in order to defeat a demonic entity that is using new technology to complete an ancient mission…



” …a few well-executed creepy moments makeThe Offering a cautious recommendation instead of a definite pass. Using inventive tricks found in Paranormal Activity and The Conjuring showing a ghost’s invisible pull and more graphic moments of self-mutilation via webcam and exorcisms gone wrong, there’s just enough here to keep your eyes and your interest from wandering.” Dread Central

“None of it coalesces into a coherent or impactful storyline, and far from an entertainingly off-the-rails example of Asian genre filmmaking, the film is weighed down by an overall solemn seriousness in the telling and an insistence that it’s all leading somewhere meaningful, to the tune of music that frequently borrows Joseph Bishara’s screechy Insidious strings.” Fangoria


” … a muddled horror film, falls over itself incorporating as many genre elements as possible. The result is the cinematic equivalent of combining every paint color on a canvas: a murky mess.” The New York Times


The Offering’s God vs. the Devil religious death match gets scraped and flicked off to the side. Furthermore, by dipping a hand into the paranormal pool it forces a half-baked backstory of two ghostly characters we never fully understand or care for. In fact, their mere presence in the film feels like a plot device that’s meant to hurry the scares along.”

Main cast and characters: 

  • Elizabeth Rice … Jamie Waters
  • Matthew Settle … Sam Harris
  • Adina Herz … Katie Harris
  • Adrian Pang … Father Matthew Goh
  • Colin Borgonon … Father De Silva
  • Daeng Amer Omar … Possessed Indonesian Man
  • Darius Tan … Indonesian Doctor
  • Dylan Jenkins … Boy with Huntington’s Disease
  • Sharon Frese … Doctor Hawkins
  • Jaymee Ong … Majorie Tan
  • Rayann Condy … Anna Waters
  • Prem John … Investigating Officer
  • Daniel Jenkins … Forensic Pathologist
  • Augusta Augusta … Young Jamie
  • Gus Donald … Danny Crowther
  • Ravi Chandran … Ravi Sharma (as R Chandran)
  • Kheng Hua Tan … Charlotte Sharma (as Tan Kheng Hua)
  • Victoria Mintey … Cynthia Crowther
  • Naomi Toh … Land Authority Worker
  • Crispian Chan … Josh Lim
  • Pamelyn Chee … May Wong
  • Paul Lucas … Nigel Crowther
  • Shane Mardjuki … Dinner Guest
  • Elizabeth Lazan … Dinner Guest (as Elizabeth Lazan Tan)
  • Marcus Mok … Dinner Guest
  • Janice Koh … Subterfuge CEO


The film was released to select US cinemas and on VOD on May 6, 2016, via Momentum Pictures. A Deltamac Blu-ray was released on August 26, 2016.

In the UK, it was released on DVD by Precision Pictures as Anna on 27 June 2016.