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Tulpa – aka Tulpa – Perdizioni mortali – is a 2012 Italian Giallo horror thriller feature film directed by Federico Zampaglione (Shadow) from a screenplay co-written with Giacomo Gensini, based on a story co-written with veteran Dardano Sacchetti (A Bay of Blood; The BeyondCannibal Apocalypse; et al).



Lisa Boeri (Claudia Gerini) is a businesswoman with a secret double life: if during the day she is a busy and serious worker, the night she is an assiduous frequenter of private club Tulpa, owned by a haunting Tibetan guru, where the darkest fantasies of customers become reality.

Unfortunately, the fiery lovers who attended Lisa begin to die one by one in increasingly cruel ways, and the woman finds herself involved in the chain of murders…

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“The murders are beautifully staged and photographed, and are properly nasty and horrible. The performances are all just the right side of odd, and the ending is so deliciously and deliriously bonkers that it will make giallo fans want to watch it all over again.” This is Horror

Tulpa Lisa

“The essence and religion of Tulpa (the subject itself) is explored quite well bringing some unique visuals additions to the trippy tone and direction of the film. Actress Claudia Gerini is quite stunning to watch granting us a few revealing moments in between. She provides quite a performance which contributing much to the main charter of the film.” HNN


“For all it’s weaknesses (and there are plenty of those), Tulpa is an interesting ride, which has some gruesome murder scenes, a camp horror vibe, which is fun and non-threatening and plenty of hyperbolic twists and turns along the way, which really (in an ideal world) will keep you on the edge of your seat.” Front Row Reviews

“The cast is required to look impressive in designer clothes and gruesome prosthetics rather than give nuanced performances, but the cadaverous Nuot Arquint – who played the spirit of death in Shadow – has a real presence…” Screen Daily


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Cast and characters:

  • Claudia Gerini …Lisa Boeri
  • Michela Cescon … Giovanna
  • Nuot Arquint … Kiran
  • Michele Placido … Roccaforte
  • Ennio Tozzi … Ferri
  • Ivan Franek … Stefan
  • Crisula Stafida … Giulia


Tulpa premiered at the 2012 London FrightFest Film Festival and was released in Italy on June 20, 2013.

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