BONEJANGLES (2016) Reviews and overview

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‘The last sound you’ll hear is the rattle of his bones.’

Bonejangles in a 2016 American comedy horror film directed by Brett DeJager (10/31/16) from a screenplay by Keith Melcher for Labyrinth Films. The titular killer is presumably named after the character from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.


A rag tag group of cops tasked with delivering Mr. Bonejangles, an unkillable serial killer, must survive a hellish pit stop: a cursed place called Argento City where the dead rise from their graves every year on April 18th…

Review One:

Bonejangles promises much, given the promise of its imagery, yet delivers way too little. Juvenile, sex-obsessed (but not in a good way) and lacklustre, the movie’s supposedly comedic elements aimed at mocking genre clichés simply reveal the lack of any genuine wit in Keith Melcher’s script.

Unrealistic characters include a ridiculously OTT squealing camp black cop with large hoop earrings that no-one on the force would be allowed to wear. Lapses in logic are, of course, commonplace in horror movies but the suggestion that irritating Dingleberry, one of the inept young cops, who is from Argento (sigh) City, would conveniently forget about the town’s annual curse is simply too silly for any storyline.

Towards the end, an annoying character named Clint wanders around with his hand hacked off and yet still has the audacity to punch his love rival Dingleberry in the stomach. The point being: too many obnoxious people on screen does not make a good movie. And prior to the dispiriting climax, a painfully extended middle section covering the witch’s curse is explained for way too long.


After his first murderous mayhem, in which he uses a copy of Melons and Muff magazine to silence his janitor victim (one of the film’s few sickly amusing moments), even villain Bonejangles lacks any kind of vitality, merely ambling from one kill scene to the next.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Review Two:

Bonejangles is yet another lackluster attempt at low-budget horror comedy. The script is poor, relying heavily on clichés and common tropes; the cast strain for laughs but lack the acting chops to successfully pull-off any comedic moments; the sound design is thin and scattershot, picking up every conceivable noise on set except for a clear capture of frequently mumbled lines; the score is adequate, and the cinematography relatively competent.

I do, however, give the filmmakers kudos for at least addressing the blatant issue of an unstoppable ’80s-inspired mass murderer.”

Ben Spurling, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

“The one liners and quips come at rapid fire and this film never loses its wit and attitude even during the most horrific moments. Bonejangles also delivers on the blood and gore one would expect from a horror comedy. Heads, arms, legs, and all kinds of parts are tossed all over the place with reckless abandon in slasher sprees and zombie carnage.” Ambush Bug, Ain’t It Cool News

“This is a wonderfully campy comedy homage to 80s slasher horror, in the vein of The Final Girls or Zombeavers or the early examples from the Scary Movie franchise. It’s witty. It has genuine moments of shock, fright and surprise, and it’s entertaining throughout.” Ashley Lister, UK Horror Scene

Main cast:

  • Reggie Bannister (Phantasm and sequels; Bubba Ho Tep; Doctor Spine)
  • Elissa Dowling (Orgy of the Damned; Fetish Factory; The Black Room)
  • Jamie Scott Gordon
  • Devin Toft
  • Kelly Misek Jr. (V/H/S Viral)
  • Christopher Hunt
  • Wade Everett
  • Julia Cavanaugh
  • Hannah Richter
  • Lawrence Wayne Curry
  • Katie Walgrave
  • Allen Regimbal
  • Connor Quinn
  • Brett DeJager
  • Nadine Purvis Schmidt
  • Ben Gersch
  • Scott Wessels
  • Brandon Scott Jacobson

Choice dialogue:

Edgar Sr.: “Just remember, the only good pig is a dead pig!”

Running time:

78 minutes




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