LANDMINE GOES CLICK (2015) Reviews and overview



‘Dare to step off’

Landmine Goes Click – aka Nagmi – is a 2015 Georgian action horror thriller film directed by Levan Bakhia (247°F; She, Who Killed Us All) from a screenplay co-written with Adrian Colussi.

The movie stars Sterling Knight, Spencer Locke (K-Mart in the Resident Evil franchise), Dean Geyer and Kote Tolordava.


When Chris (Sterling Knight) gets trapped on an armed landmine, Daniel (Geyer) leaves him and Alicia (Spencer Locke) to fend for themselves. The threat only worsens when a local psychopath (Kote Tolordava) takes advantage of their situation and begins to taunt and torture the stranded couple…

Reviews (may contain spoilers]:

” …the flick boasts a compelling conceit that remains captivating throughout, even despite its minuscule cast, paltry budget and two locations. The craft and care that went into making the specific scenario believable comes across as more novel than gimmicky, and when such a premise is ditched altogether, the film shifts into a bloodily ruthless and relentless act of recompense.” Arrow in the Head

Landmine Goes Click is a tremendously ambitious film. It falls down in the execution, but there’s enough going on upstairs to make it well worth a look regardless.” Eye for Film

” …really comes into its own during the latter end of the film. The scenes are headstrong with definite shades of Michael Haneke’s Funny Games […] culminates with a firm bump to reality that you will not necessarily see coming, especially at the moment it does.” Horror Cult Films

” …you expect a film akin to Phone Booth with a man trapped in one spot unable to leave and the entire tensions to play out around that locale. On the other hand, Levan Bakhia keeps confounding what we expect. The film is filled with whiplash twists…” Moria

Working title:

Dead Mountain


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