NIGHT SHADOW (1989) Reviews and overview



‘Where evil lurks…’

Night Shadow is a 1989 American werewolf horror film written and directed by Randolph Cohlan (his sole directorial credit). The creature was designed by Mark Crowe based on his story concept. The original title was Night Drop and it was filmed as Lycanthrope.


Main cast:

Brenda Vance, Rick Scott, Stuart Quan [as Dane Chan) (Big Trouble in Little China), Alta LaFlame, Tom Boylan, Mike Hamilton, Kato Kaelin (Revamped), Orien Richman (Witchcraft IV: The Virgin Heart), Jeannette Lewis (House on Haunted Hill), Sally Robinson, Laura Graham, Mike Dyer and veteran Aldo Ray (Psychic Killer; Haunts; Star Slammer).




“The film doesn’t really stick by the usual werewolf mythology (there’s no transformation by full moon and no silver bullets) but it also doesn’t add anything new or interesting to the formula … Some air bladder effects were used for a brief (and incomplete) transformation scene.” The Bloody Pit of Horror

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“When he’s not a werewolf, the killer likes to stare menacingly at people in public.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 15.05.59

If he had any motives for anything he did, I would say he did this to poke fun at the inefficient police. The werewolf engages in a few kills off screen, and a few that are too dark to make out…” Bill Silvia, Man in Black Reviews

Aldo Ray with lobsters


Night Shadow does feature gratuitous Aldo Ray (star power!) playing the traveling inventor father type from Gremlins, an almost okay werewolf suit, a martial arts enthusiast whose wardrobe consists of cut off take tops, a crucial werewolf diary, and Kato Kalien. While Night Shadow fails at being a semi competent werewolf horror movie, it’s mildly amusing…” Smellington,



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Filming locations:

Fresno and Hanford, California

Some images: The Bloody Pit of Horror | VHS Collector

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