TERROR TOONS (2002) Reviews and overview

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Terror Toons is a 2002 American comedy horror film produced and directed by Joe Castro from a screenplay written by Rudy Balli. The movie stars Kerry Liu, Lizzy Borden, Beverly Lynne, Brandon Ellison and Fernando Padilla.

It was followed by sequels Terror Toons 2: The Sick and Silly Show (2007), and Terror Toons 3 (2015). In 2016, Terror Toons 4 and 5 were announced as being in post-production however, as of 2018 these have yet to appear.



In the “cartoon dimension” mad scientist Doctor Carnage experiments on a man, then disembowels him and rips his skull out through his stomach. On Earth, sisters Cindy and Candy are left alone with Cindy’s friend Amy. While Cindy and Amy call over Rick and Eddie, Candy watches a Terror Toons DVD that she received in the mail. Created by Satan, the DVD depicts the antics of Doctor Carnage and his accomplice Max Assassin, a stolen lab monkey that was mutated into a monster by Carnage.

As Cindy and her friends play Strip Ouija, Candy dozes off, awakening when Carnage and Max appear in her room. The two rip Candy’s spine out, behead her friend Tommy when he drops by, dismember a pizza delivery man with a giant pizza cutter, and do a hypnotic disco dance number that causes Eddie to vomit up his own innards. When Cindy, Amy, and Rick try to escape, they discover that all of the doors have been replaced by vertigo-inducing spirals…


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“Everything about Castro’s picture is intentionally askew. His actors are about 10 years too old for their childlike roles. The no-budget blue screen FX rely on IMPACT more than technical sophistication. And the whole thing bobs along like a drug-induced hallucination on a river of good old fashion GORE backed by a circus calliope soundtrack.” DVD Talk

“Even the animated sequences lack any movement to them and feel as though they were created by me in Flash MX while drunk and watching Timecop in the background. I don’t even feel comfortable narrowing down more flaws in the “direction” of the film because, to put it bluntly, the entire film is a pile of sh*t.” Film School Rejects

“The animations typically consist of two or three choppy frames and blend seamlessly with the live action in the sense that Chris Rock would blend seamlessly with a Klan meeting. Add a bunch of p*rn stars trying to get into legitimate acting, a couple of guys in moronic suits, and a few thousand spiral effects to the mix…” Something Awful


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” … it doesn’t work because none of the jokes they attempt work, the entire movie feels throwaway, and it’s extremely hard to sit through. Terror Toons is just missing the witty sight gags using cartoons as a premise could’ve brought (not to mention any of the “terror” of the title) and apart from a fairly decent “hand puppet” scene this is a complete waste of effort…”The Video Graveyard

“Well, the idea may have been charming in a disgusting kitchy cheapy sort of way, but the execution resulted in a complete snoozer. After twenty minutes bored out of my gord, the rest was fast-forward all the way.” Weird Wild Realm


“It took one person to come up with the story, and three to come up with the script. What exactly took three people? The tired cartoon characters running through doors in a hallway? The cop who likes donuts? Strip Ouija? This is a horrible, hateful little movie that will make you wonder about humanity’s capacity to come together and put together something so unbelievably awful.”


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