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‘Campfire stories can be deadly’
MoonStalker is a 1989 American satirical slasher horror film written and directed by Michael O’Rourke (Deadly Love; Hellgate). The synth score was by Douglas Pipes (Monster House; Trick ‘r Treat; Krampus).


The movie stars Blake Gibbons, Ingrid Vold, John Marzilli, Tom Hamil, Jill Foors, Joe Balogh, Ann McFadden, Alex Wexler, Pamela Ross (Sorority House Massacre), Joseph Christopher, Sioux-z Jessup, Greg Mardon, Neil Kinsella.


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A family’s mountain vacation is interrupted by the arrival of a dishevelled old man hauling a trailer behind an ancient Cadillac. Pop, as he calls himself, tells the family a tall tale about the son he lost to illness. The family feels sorry for him and befriends him . . . not knowing the danger that is soon to come to them.


In reality, his son Bernie is crazy, deranged and dangerous and kept straight-jacketed and chained up in Pop’s trailer. Pop lets Bernie out only to stalk and harm campers while Pop helps himself to their belongings.


Not far away, a group of young people are preparing for two weeks of wilderness training. The camp is run by authoritarian Regis, and his dominatrix girlfriend, Marcie (Ingrid Vold), who tells them that P.J., a new camper has disappeared…

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“The primary actors in this one were just good enough to partially offset how dumb and overly familiar most of the rest of the movie is. Thanks to some decent dialogue, the characters here end up being less cardboard and far more likeable than in most similar films.” The Bloody Pit of Horror

Moonstalker isn’t a bad movie. It’s actually better than some of the weaker, yet better remembered slashers of the decade. However, it’s the one ill-fated decision to remove Bernie from any unique “costume” that is ultimately what makes the film forgettable.” Horror and Sons

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“It might not be the most accomplished slasher flick, but – if you can find it –MoonStalker is one of the 1980s last hoorays for shot-on-film popcorn thrills, and is enough goofy fun for a winter’s evening. Just beware the full moon – and all that chunky knitwear.” Hysteria Lives!

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Choice dialogue:
Bobby: “Wow! What a bitch! You think she’s a lesbian or something?”
Regis: “So, the guy doesn’t stop for hitchhikers? Doesn’t exactly make him Jack the Ripper, does it?”

Filming locations:
Near Carson City, Nevada

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