KHOONI DRACULA (1992) Reviews and overview



Khooni Dracula [“Bloody Dracula”] is a 1992 Indian supernatural horror feature film written, produced, directed by and starring Harinam Singh as the titular vampire. It should not be confused with Dracula (1999), directed by Bhooshan Lal.

The movie stars Harinam Singh, Amrit Pal, Kiran Pal, Kaushal Singh, Kaushal Singh, Usha Singh, Sonia Thakur, Birbal.



On a stormy night, an evil ‘uncle’ molests and murders his maid. Blood from her neck drips down to where Dracula is buried beneath, bringing him back to life…



“If you are in the market for a worthless, idiotic, embarrassing piece of crap horror cinema from the sub-continent, Khooni Dracula delivers, with a dumb looking monster in an awesome hat, gore, lightning, and lots of women taking their clothes off and getting in the shower while still wearing their underwear…” Teleport City



” … an utterly atrocious excuse of a movie … production values are virtually nil with bit comedian Birbal being the only “star” name that anyone would have recognized…” Remains of the Desi