GHOST TEAM (2016) Reviews and overview

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‘Paranormal investigation. No experience necessary.’

Ghost Team is a 2016 American comedy horror film directed by Oliver Irving from a screenplay co-written with Peter Warren.

Main cast:

Jon Heder (Monster House; The Sasquatch GangA Monsterous Holiday), David Krumholtz (Addams Family Values), Melonie Diaz (The Belko Experiment), Paul W. Downs, Joel Marsh Garland (Witchblade), Justin Long (Jeepers Creepers and sequel; Drag Me to Hell; Yoga Hosers), Tom Schiller (Teenage Vampire Killers from Hell), and Amy Sedaris (Monsters vs. Aliens [TV series]).

The film was released as a Google Play exclusive on July 21st, with a US theatrical release on August 12th.


Official synopsis:

‘Louis is a regular guy. He runs a small print-and-copy shop in a Long Island strip mall. He drinks beer with his best buddy, Stan. He hunts for evidence that ghosts exist.

Believe it or not, Louis is normal, one of many thousands of people who consider themselves amateur ghost-hunters. It’s an escape from the drudgery of his daily routine and a reminder that there may be more to life than he knows.

When a customer walks into his print shop and mentions possible paranormal activity at an abandoned farm outside of town, Louis sees a chance to finally indulge his hobby for real. With the help of his depressed best friend, a mess-up nephew, an overly-serious mall cop, a hack cable-access psychic, a whip-smart beautician and a van filled with amateur equipment, Louis is determined to catch some ghosts on film.

But poltergeists are the least of what the team finds in the abandoned McIntosh estate. What begins as a bumbling attempt to explore the farm soon becomes a hilarious and terrifying race to escape it alive…’



“It takes too long for the team to start ghost hunting, and screenwriter Peter Warren tips us off to what’s causing the paranormal activity way too early. What we are left with are these one-note characters, whose minor, sad-sack first-world problems aren’t worth any audience empathy whatsoever.”

“The closest we get to comedy is some sad mockery of Long’s character, a mall cop whose thick-headedness and insecurity make him an easy target for bullies. There’s enough bumbling here that viewers will soon guess the mystery is more Scooby Doo than Blair Witch in nature, though the latter is referenced multiple times. The average episode of that cartoon had more going for it than this outing.” The Hollywood Reporter

” … there’s simply not enough material here, and even at 83 minutes, the film feels stretched to its breaking point. Sometimes you root for a merry band of losers to save the day. In the case of Ghost Team, the losers aren’t worth the investment. The Detroit News

Filming locations:

Brooklyn and Brookhaven, Long Island, New York


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