Frankenstein: Day of the Beast – USA, 2011 – reviews


‘An island. A bride. A monster.’

Frankenstein: Day of the Beast is a 2011 American science fiction horror feature film written, photographed, edited, produced and directed by Ricardo Islas, loosely based on Mary Shelley’s novel. It stars Michelle Shields, Tim Krueger and Adam Stephenson.


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On a foggy winter morning, a raft brings a priest to an isolated island. He is getting paid to perform a wedding ritual under very mysterious conditions. The groom is Victor Frankenstein, and the young and beautiful bride is his cousin Elizabeth.


Seven armed and dangerous mercenary soldiers have been hired to protect her against something huge that hides in the woods, waiting for that wedding night to be consummated. Victor is the only one who knows the truth about their enemy. His secret will be paid with the life of his private army, whose men will die one by one, as the creature gets closer to his target: the bride…

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“It has all the familiar Frankenstein monster elements but also delivers a certain style and authority that allows it to make its own mark. The acting, setting, costumes and dialogue screams drive-in movie fare, but the production gamely reaches out to retell the myth with a little sex, a lot of gore and an interesting take on the reanimation portion of the monster.” Patrick McDonald, Hollywood Chicago

” … definitely not the most conventional telling of the Frankenstein story, but its diversions from that story made me look past the rough edges that go along with low budget and amateur acting. Shelley-freaks will want to seek it out, but those who don’t have an appreciation toward low fi scares may not be impressed.” Ain’t It Cool News


” … pretty much follows the look and style of a Hammer film. It stays true to the source while creating a much less sympathetic creature and showing us just how brutal he can be. The story is easy to fall in to and the end has a nice little twist.” Corey Danna, Horror News


Main cast and characters:

  • Michelle Shields as Elizabeth Frankenstein
  • Adam Stephenson as Victor Frankenstein
  • Tim Krueger as The Monster
  • Paul Barile as Mr. Rowley
  • Jay Disney as Henry
  • Suzy Brack as Justine
  • Wesley Saint Louis as Bartul
  • John Vitiritti as Schiffer


Production began in the Orland Park, Illinois area in January 2011 and was funded by indie fundraising website IndieGoGo. The film premiered with a limited theatrical release in the United States on November 27, 2011.

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