CANNIBAL HOOKERS (1987) Reviews and overview

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‘Babes of the night, with a different appetite!’

Cannibal Hookers is a 1987 American horror film written, co-produced and directed by Donald Farmer (Demon Queen; Red Lips; Shark Exorcist).

The film stars Amy Waddell, Annette Munro, Sheila Best [aka Tara the Southern Belle], Tommy Carrano, Richard Liberty (The Crazies; Day of the Dead), Matt Borlenghi, Drew Godderis (Evil Spawn), Sky Nicholas (Fatal Pulse), Katina Garner (Hack-O-Lantern), Marya Gant (A Polish vampire in Burbank) and Gary J. Levinson. Eric Caidin, owner of the Hollywood Book and Poster shop has a cameo role.


As a sorority initiation for Zama Gata Bata (“the sleaziest sorority on campus”), two female college students must to pose as prostitutes and each pick up a client and bring them back to the house. However, when the young women return they discover the sorority sisters are actually part of a cannibal cult…



“Oy ve. Where shall I even begin describing this exercise in cheap gore, cheap T&A contributed by ladies who certainly look their parts and camcorder production values? Let’s just say I had more fun making the screen caps than I did actually watching the movie.” The Bloody Pit of Horror


“Good and bad are sticky concepts when you’re down at the bottom of the cinematic heap, as we are here. What it is, is a bloke with no money and a bit of a sense of humour just making something happen.” Mark Longden, International Syndicate of Cult Film Critics


“Farmer does Demon Queen again, but less dreamy, less weird, more broad and dumb and “market-friendly,” complete with desperately tasteless jokes and a hip soundtrack full of watery quasi-punk rock. Maybe a skosh better than the similar Night of the Living Babes (if only because Farmer does seem to want to take the horror elements seriously when they belatedly show up) but still wholly dismal and depressing.” Steve Carlson,

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“The sound is terrible, one girl keeps looking at the camera, and the FX consists of blood and boobs.” Michael J. Weldon, The Psychotronic Video Guide

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“The acting is atrocious, the premise is idiotic, the blood and gore effects are a joke, and the entire thing looks like it was filmed with someone’s uncle’s video camera that was ordinarily used to shoot home movies […] it is just painfully bad in general.” Horror News


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Originally issued in the US on VHS by Camp Video, it was released as an Eden Entertainment DVD on October 31, 2000, with the cover title I Will Dance on Your Grave: Cannibal Hookers.

Film Facts:

Footage from Curse of the Screaming Dead can be seen on a TV set.

Image credits: The Bloody Pit of Horror | International Syndicate of Cult Film Critics |  VHS Collector



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