Alienween (2016) reviews and overview

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‘They come from outer space… to make a HELL of a party’

Alienween – aka Alienween: Halloween Party Apocalypse – is an Italian science fiction horror feature film written and directed Federico Sfascia (I rec u). It was produced by Alex Visani. The film stars Guglielmo Favilla, Raffaele Ottolenghi and Giulia Zeeti.


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Four friends decide to spend Halloween night partying in a country house with call girls. The house has been abandoned ever since a tragic death occurred there years ago. While they are partying, strange slimy meteors begin to fall from the sky. The raging storm outside brings them face to face with not only the house’s tragic past, but with an alien invasion of the strangest kind…


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” …plentiful wet, gruesome, cheapskate, imaginative effects provide some entertainment even as the human element is wildly inconsistent … this looks beyond the accepted 80s ‘classics’ for inspiration – with results as variable as the films it riffs on. Here’s a movie that would like to make you think of Night of the Creeps, but all too often edges into Troll 2 territory.” The Kim Newman Web Site


Alienween was released in the US on DVD on September 20, 2016 by Bayview Entertainment.

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