‘When a pack of werewolves crash a party, stoner becomes the main course.’

Zombie Werewolves Attack! is a 2009 Canadian comedy horror film co-produced, written, edited and directed by Chris Green. It stars Marcel Legault, Ginette Gaskin, Dany Gehshan, Tyler VanderWallen, Michelle Ferguson, Stefan Bitar, Edsson Morales and Brandon Ludwig.

The film was picked up for distribution by Troma and is currently available on YouTube.



A small group of friends are enjoying a party, when it is crashed by hairy lupine uninvited guests. After barely surviving the werewolf attack, the friends learn that most of the people in their town have been killed.

Now, surrounded by townspeople turned into werewolves, they face a difficult dilemma. Can they kill the innocent victims of the wolves, now werewolves themselves, to survive?


There are seemingly no currently available reviews for this film online, so watch it, write one yourself, then post it below in Comments…

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