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‘Faith has failed us’
Incarnate is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by Brad Peyton from a screenplay by Ronnie Christensen (Monster!). It follows “an unconventional exorcist who can tap into the subconscious of the possessed”. Jason Blum (Insidious, The Purge; Paranormal Activity) is a co-producer.


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The movie stars Aaron Eckhart (I, Frankenstein; The Wicker Man), Keir O’Donnell, Catalina Sandino Moreno (At the Devil’s Door), Mark Steger (Stranger Things; Holidays); Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension), Tomas Arana (The Possession of Michael King; The Church), Carice van Houten (Intruders; Black Death).

A scientist with the ability to enter the subconscious minds of the possessed must save a young boy from the grips of a demon with powers never seen before while facing the horrors of his past…


“Offers a relatively fresh take on standard-issue exorcism-melodrama tropes, along with a performance by Aaron Eckhart that is more than persuasive enough to encourage the investment of a rooting interest.” Variety

” …the story is a jumble in which everyone speaks in purely expository sentences that nevertheless fail to explain any of what is going on, the characters are total bores (even the ones currently being possessed) and the scares are completely nonexistent.”


“The dream sequences are few and far between, with a whole lot of talking and explaining padding out the rest of the running time. To be fair, some of that time is spent establishing a larger mythology that will probably not spawn any sequels, but could work in a TV spin-off…” Forbes

“It is trying something new, which is respectable. Even though Eckhart hams it up a bit, all of the players give committed, if somewhat bored-looking, performances. And as predictable as the whole film is, it is engaging.” Bloody Disgusting


“Despite its thrills sticking on the cheap side, Incarnate works more than it fizzles. That’s much in part to Eckhart’s layered, fluctuating performance, which has him slip from his usual clean-cut, strong-jawed persona to a disheveled man broken by life. The perpetually underrated actor is up for all of it.”

“This unscary chiller, directed by Brad Peyton (San Andreas, 2015), tries to put a new spin on a tired possession tale by mixing it up with an alternate-reality, mind-trip angle. It comes across as The Exorcist meets The Matrix, but with little of the smarts or thrills of those two films.” Straits Times


Incarnate promises a mind-bending take on the supernatural horror formula but has no tricks up its sleeves. The twist is easy to see through since it’s clear what the film’s influences are, and we get a cop-out ending as the cherry on top.” F*** magazine

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