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‘The Ripper chose you!’

Razors – aka Razors: The Return of Jack the Ripper and Ripper – is a 2016 British horror feature film written, produced and directed by Ian Powell (Virtual Terror) and Karl Ward. The Magic Mask Pictures movie stars Kelby Keenan, Thomas Thoroe, Josh Myers and Ian Weichardt.


A young writer believes she has discovered the holy grail of terror, the knives used by Jack the Ripper for his notorious murders.


Attending an intensive workshop in a haunted Victorian warehouse, run by the mysterious screenwriting guru Richard Wise, she and five colleagues aim to write the ultimate horror film.

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But when the knives go missing the writers are plunged into a world of terror. Who is the little girl in the Victorian dress who haunts their dreams? And who is killing them one by one? Is it Ruth avenging womankind for the appalling Ripper murders or one of the other students trying to make their story come out on top, or is it the spirit of Jack, slowly re-assembling himself and becoming stronger with each new murder.

As the warehouse become transformed through sound and light into the Whitechapel of the 1880’s the writers must solve the mystery…

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“Striking imagery, including horror staples such as creepy dolls and little ghost girls, is rife throughout, and Razors eventually follows a familiar formula as the group are violently picked off one by one while exploring their foreboding surroundings. The screenplay offers a plethora of interesting ideas, and cerebral dialogue between various characters serves up real food for thought…” James Gracey, Behind the Couch

“Crippling the production is the portrayals exhibited by some of the cast. The tension and fright projected were not believable. Lines find exchange with memorization instead of emotional delivery. The viewer will notice these instances. The storyline begins strong yet as the film progresses the intricacies of the story disintegrates.” Ken Artuz, Decay Mag

” …an unintelligent mess of a movie that tried to scare without succeeding. Worst of it all, it stated outright that it was going to be a good horror movie. It needed to deliver on that promise and never did. It was a bigger disappointment because of that claim. The rest of the writing didn’t help it, either.” Horror News

“I preferably would not like Powell and Karl in the director chairs. Their style could only be described as spastic with way too many edited in interjections of arbitrary spook house filler. The body of work has the sheer tenacity of being more like a 92-minute music video that’s abundantly chorused with haunted house ambiance.” Stephen T. Lewis, It’s Bloggin’ Evil!

” …Razors isn’t always quite stringent in its storytelling, at times even seems to abandon or randomly pick up narrative strands as it moves along – but that somehow works for the movie here, as it intentionally shatters walls between “the real world” and the realm of nightmares…” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

Choice dialogue:

Adam Jenker: “Frankly, horror is in a rut. A pre-packaged plastic product. We need something imaginative, yet different. Yes, it needs to scare people. But it needs to do more than that. We’re looking for your group, in the next few days, to really deliver. We need that killer concept. That box office kicker.”


Cast and characters:

  • Kelby Keenan … Ruth Walker
  • Thomas Thoroe … Professor Richard Wise
  • Josh Myers … Denton Price – Death Do Us ApartGangsters, Guns & Zombies; Zombie Diaries 2
  • Ian Weichardt … James McGillivray – Freak of Nurture
  • Jack Brown … Zack Walker
  • Kunjue Li … Sadie Fisher – Knights of the Damned; Ripper Street
  • Georgia Maguire … Jane
  • Andrew Shire … Jack the Ripper – Horror Tales; Demon Nurses from Hell
  • Vincent De Paul … Adam Jenker
  • Khan Bonfils … JK
  • Iulia Benze … Nina
  • Adam J Englander … Dax
  • Evie Rose Carricker … Little Girl Ghost
  • Anthony Styles … Inspector Abberline
  • Jessamine Sargent … 1st Victorian Victim

Filming locations:

Elektrowerkz, Islington, London, England

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