PORKCHOP 3D (2012) Reviews and overview



‘Get chopped’

Porkchop 3D is a 2012 American horror feature film written and directed by Eamon Hardiman and a sequel to Porkchop (2010). It was produced by Melissa Myers and Harper Gardner on a reported budget of $3000.

The movie stars Kaylee Williams (Slices of Life), Sam Qualiana (Snow Shark), Danny Hicks (Evil Dead 2), and Brian Gunnoe (Zombie Babies).

When a group of Porkchop’s would-be victims return for revenge, they never suspect the pig-masked killer is not alone! After all, the family that squeals together kills together…



“Even though this movie does have “layers” it is still just a typical straightforward slasher and the story is not that in-depth.  Finally, the kills are brutal, simply put. Porkchop has more screen time in this film compared to the previous installments. His appearance is also more menacing as well.” Horror Society

Porkchop 3D features one of the best chainsaw kills ever captured on film. I also really love how some of the kills just occur so randomly and without warning. One of those movies that make you cheer for the killer every time they comes up with a new method of destruction.” The Liberal Dead

“Hardiman figures the formula worked for all those other slashers so why not for Porkchop? I give the independent flick 2 out of 4 stars as I just felt like that spark you feel watching the first two films wasn’t there.” Gross Movie Reviews

Filming locations:

Charleston, West Virginia

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