CREATURE LAKE aka GITASKOG (2015) Reviews and overview



‘Five friends, three days, one creature … No chance’

Creature Lake aka Gitaskog is a 2015 Canadian horror film produced and directed by Drazen Baric from a screenplay by Damien Slevin.


A gitaskog is a Native American term for a lake monster, particularly a serpent.

The film was released on DVD by Wild Eye Releasing on February 14, 2017.


Main cast:

Elena Semikina, Jonathan Matthews, Ivan Simanic, Mike Kekich, Brandon Dhue, Gregscreen-shot-2016-09-25-at-22-54-43 Carraro, Vanessa Tavares, Nikki Roumel, Ernie Paniciolli.


Five friends embark on a camping trip to sacred Native territory and are warned to stay away. When they choose to ignore the warning they are confronted with strange occurrences, seductive apparitions, vengeful locals and a deadly behemoth. Their weekend of fun becomes a descent into Hell…


“Not nearly as effective a male-bonding exercise as the captivating Canadian horror film White Raven, Creature Lake nonetheless fits into the Canuxploitation milieu quite nicely. There are actually a couple of genuinely creepy moments, and it takes you places you wouldn’t necessarily expect.” Really Awful Movie


“The shrill yelling and goofy raunchiness of the group gets tiresome and the leaps in logic needed to establish the camera coverage is naff, but the money-shot in any found-footage monster pic – the reveal of the beast – is handled effectively by Baric. His film never quite soars above the clichés, but moments of convincing terror do emerge.” Screen-Space

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