GHOULIES IV (1994) Reviews and overview

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Ghoulies IV is a 1994 American supernatural comedy horror film directed by Jim Wynorski from a screenplay by Mark Sevi (Pterodactyl; Arachnid; Scanner Cop II). The CineTel Films production stars Peter Liapis, Barbara Alyn Woods, and Stacie Randall.

The film has been criticised by the fans of the series because the ‘ghoulies’ in this film are completely different; two dwarf actors in costumes played the ghoulies.


The 1994 British VHS release was cut 9 seconds to achieve a ’15’ rating. The 2004 release was uncut for a ’12’ rating.


While in pursuit of cop Jonathan Graves (Peter Liapis), his demonic nemesis, Faust, sends his disciple Alexandria (Stacie Randall) to hunt down the amulet that will set him free.

Meanwhile, the Ghoulies find their way through an open porthole and onto the streets of Los Angeles, creating madness and mayhem as they search for a way to get back home. As the body count rises, it becomes an ultimate battle between a demonic killer, a rule-breaking cop, and our favourite creatures from the netherworld…



“I thought it was one of the more better-acted films of the genre I’ve seen, with truly likable characters and a story, while stupid, that managed to hold my attention the whole way through. Can’t ask for much more than that.” Matt, X-Entertainment

“The Ghoulies movies were always threadbare, never budgeted high enough for name actors or seamless effects, but this is where they bottom out. It’s pocked with gratuitous footage from the (superior) first movie; marred by stage lighting out of a high school theater production; full of conviction-free line readings.” Alice Stoehr,


“The only ghoulies (Tony Cox as “Ghoulie Dark” and Arturo Gil as “Ghoulie Lite”) are almost afterthoughts, contributing little to a plot that really doesn’t need them. You could say Mark Sevi’s script is all backward. Producer Gary Schmoeller is capable of better stuff than this messy, oft-demeaning movie.” John Stanley, Creature Features


Main cast:

  • Peter Liapis
  • Barbara Alyn Woods – The Terror Within II
  • Stacie Randall – From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money; Puppet Master 4
  • Raquel Krelle
  • Bobby Di Cicco
  • Tony Cox
  • Arturo Gil
  • Andrew Craig
  • John Cann
  • Michael Chieffo
  • Lynn Danielson-Rosenthal
  • Antonia Dorian
  • Nathan Jung
  • Tony March
  • Ace Mask – 976-Evil IITransylvania Twist; Not of This Earth

Filming locations:

Chateau Bradbury Estate – 2232 South California Avenue, Duarte, California


In the US, Ghoulies IV released straight-to-video by Columbia TriStar Home Video. It was released on DVD in 2007 by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment.


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