THE EVIL INSIDE (2016) Overview


‘The only true inheritance is in the blood’

The Evil Inside is a 2016 Italian horror feature film written and directed by Carlo Baldacci Carli.


Main cast:

The Firenze Produzioni Cinematografiche production  stars Vittorio Boscolo (Satan Discovery: Indagini Su Misteri), Tim Daish, Silvia Todesca, Cosetta Turco, Riccardo Sati, John Dobrynine, Roberto Caccavo, Igor Biddau, Aurélia Bonta, Alice Ceccarini.



In the 18th Century, John Cavendish, a Scottish adventurer, arrives in Tuscany and makes his fortune from his expert knowledge of botany and agriculture.


In the present day, Marcus Cavendish, an American painter and playboy with mounting debts, receives a letter from Chiara Conti, an Italian solicitor, who reveals to him that he is of the Cavendish bloodline. She tells him that he is the heir of Peter Cavendish, the last descendant of John Cavendish.



Believing that this potential fortune may solve his money problems – and may even sort his head out – Marcus travels to Tuscany to get his inheritance. Having arrived at Cavendish Castle, Marcus thinks he has solved all of his problems, but discovers that he has to fight an ancient evil that has tormented his family for centuries, so he realizes that money, property and land mean little when faced with a blood curse as a surprise inheritance…


This film should not be confused with Dead Inside (directed by Pearry Reginald Teo in 2011), which is also known as The Evil Inside.



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