DEATHBED (2002) Reviews and overview



‘The bed is waiting…’

DeathBed is a 2002 American horror feature film co-produced, co-edited and directed by Danny Draven (Patient Seven; Reel Evil; Ghost Month; Dark Walker) from a screenplay written by John Strysik. It is loosely based on George Barry’s 1977 film, Death Bed: The Bed That Eats.

Stuart Gordon (From BeyondRe-Animator) was executive and co-producer, while the film’s cinematographer was Mac Ahlberg (The Horror Show; Ghost Town).


In 2017, a shortened version of DeathBed was re-edited into the ‘new’ video-on-demand horror anthology Deadtime Tales.

Main cast:

  • Tanya Dempsey – Driller; Hell Asylum; The Frightening
  • Brave Matthews – short: A Song for the Dead
  • Joe Estevez – Drakul; Doctor Spine; Axe Giant; et al
  • Meagan Mangum – Repligator
  • Michael Sonye
  • Lunden De’Leon
  • Constance Estevez
  • Rick Irvin
  • Mona Lee Fultz
  • Samantha Smith
  • Max Schlimm



screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-14-01-43“The third act is pretty satisfying and intense as well, unfortunately, the rest of the movie is likely to drive most sane people to stop watching long before they get there. Oh well, their loss…? For this hardened B-Movie vet, Deathbed was OK, but it could’ve been much, much better.” Silver Emulsion Film Reviews

“The ability to overlook a lack of originality is often important when dealing with cheap horror flicks. (In some cases, it’s an absolute requirement.) But Deathbed breaks the Golden Rule of genre flicks by simply being more boring than a lecture on bran.”

“Well hey, you get an Estevez walking through, so that’s worth something. The murders are kinda lame though, and few and far between. Still, if you want something with a slower build, this isn’t a bad choice.” Triskaidekafiles


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