THE EVIL GENE (2015) Overview



‘Evil is born… not made’

The Evil Gene is a 2015 American science fiction horror thriller film written, produced and directed by Kathryn F. Taylor, her feature debut.

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-09-19-05Scientists studying the DNA of mass murderers have discovered a rare gene, HSS-282, that they associate with violent, psychotic behaviour. Federal prison inmates possessing this “Evil Gene” have been isolated in a remote correctional facility for further testing.

FBI Agent Griff Krenshaw is sent to investigate a grisly murder and he soon becomes convinced that a much darker force is at work within the prison walls…

Main cast:

Richard Speight Jr. (Death House; Open Water 2: Adrift; Demonic Toys), Cameron Richardson (Open Water 2: Adrift; Rise: Blood Hunter), Anthony L. Fernandez, Lindsay Ginter, Gene Gabriel, Ted Heyck, Lindsay Ayliffe, Jon-Paul Vertuccio, James Crosby, Ned Liebl, Kervens Joseph.



The Evil Gene often comes off like a minor episode of The X Files, with its moody colour palette and exposition-filled mystery. Add a dash of Shutter Island and Stonehearst Asylum, and you have a decent time waster. As a first time filmmaker, Taylor shows plenty of promise…” Elliot Maguire, UK Horror Scene

The Evil Gene is a very good tension builder as we see how people inside the facility have been genetically branded evil and this does offer up a moral question about whether if there was such a thing how would we deal with it. The only downside to this film is the almost lacklustre vision ending to the film…” Movie Reviews 101


Filming locations:

Silver Dream Factory, Anaheim, California

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