MORTUARY MASSACRE (2016) Reviews and overview



‘Everyone will rest in pieces!’

Mortuary Massacre is a 2016 American horror anthology feature film directed by Christopher James Miller (The Forbidden Dimensions; IronhorseOctober Nightmare; Carrion) from a screenplay co-written with Erin Blaisdell.

The plot focuses around Detective Giger’s (Todd Brown) debriefing of several mysterious deaths, all of which took place on Halloween night. The local mortician (Carl Crew) tells Giger the backstories behind three particular victims via their stories: ‘The Apartment’; ‘False Face’; and ‘Snake-eyed Jack’.


“The film does have a very strict budget and the effects show they but they do some very tremendous things with what they had to work with. Overall, Mortuary Massacre is far from perfect but it is still a fun horror outing with some decent stories and entertaining practical effects.” Horror Society


In the US, the Razorwire Pictures film was released on DVD by Video Music, Inc. on March 28, 2017.

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