Uberzombiefrau (2017) overview

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‘Bow to the Frau’

Uberzombiefrau is a 2017 American horror feature film written and directed by Al Harland, making his feature debut. The movie stars Bella Demente, Christopher Rowley and Bryan Kruse.


American soldiers lead a mission early 1945 in the Balkans. The purpose: to capture Nazi scientists who are using genetic engineering to transform concentration camp prisoners and dead German soldiers into slave-labour and replacements for the front line to prevent technology getting into soviet hands…




Main cast:

Bella Demente (Bath Salt Zombies), Christopher Rowley, Bryan Kruse (The Red Mask of Death [and director], Zombie Cult Massacre), JoAnna Lloyd, Jocelyn Jae Tanis, Amanda Miller, Brian Anderson, Michael Stiffler, Gregory Ostendorf, Loren Muzzy, Elena Seibert, Al Harland, Ali Ferda, Brian Scott Switzer, Danny Wolfe.

Filming locations:

Batavia, Cincinnati and Loveland, Ohio

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One Comment on “Uberzombiefrau (2017) overview”

  1. Absolutely terrible possibly one of tge worst films ive ever watched, from plot to acting to FX. Ive seen children make better films on you tube

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