Attacked on Set – USA, 2012 – overview

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‘Don’t touch the director’s chair!’

Attacked on Set is a 2012 American comedy horror feature film co-produced, edited and directed by Tom Novell (Return of the Skin Eaters) from a screenplay co-written with Forrest Warren and Joel C. Warren. The movie stars Alicia Clark, Sean Scarlett and Joseph Victor.


A group of young, hot new actors and crew move production to a new studio in a remote area of a Midwest town. Little did they know, but a killer has a score to settle when everyone on set is stranded in the remote studio with a van that has run out of gas and no cell phone service.

No-one is immune, not even the tree hugger, land developer or news crew covering a nearby construction project infringing on the habitat of an endangered bird species. Finally, the heroics of the local cop changes the killer’s plans. Or is he acting alone?

Main cast:

  • Alicia Clark
  • Joshua David Evans
  • Dominic Ryan Gabriel
  • Jeff Hatrix
  • Heather Hintz
  • Randy Holloway
  • Lauren Lovan
  • Michael Justice
  • Adam Lorenz
  • Kristina Martin
  • Cassandra Sawden
  • Sean Scarlett
  • Joseph Victor
  • Nathan Wakefield
  • Martin Wolkens
  • Robert P. Young

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