THE NIGHT SHIFT (2016) Reviews and overview


The Night Shift is a 2016 American supernatural horror film produced and directed by Massimiliano Cerchi (The House of Evil; InsanePlankton; Hellinger) from a screenplay written by Anthony Werley (Insane). The movie stars Sadie Katz, Greg Chandler Maness and Vincent Rivera.


A security guard (Vincent Rivera) is hired to watch over an empty mansion until the owner arrives in the morning. Little does the guard know, he has been set up as a human sacrifice to placate the various demons that “live” in the house…


“Nothing really happens in this film. Seems like it probably started out as a 5-minute short film project. Should’ve stayed that way. Acting, cinematography, etc. strictly amateur. Not worth watching.” Harvest 720

“The film is void of gore or bloodshed that most horror fans would expect when dealing with the top human sacrifice. Overall, The Night Shift was a huge disappointment.  The acting isn’t the best and the story is lacking.” Horror Society

Main cast:

Sadie Katz (Moggy Creatures; Blood Feast; Wrong Turn VI), Greg Chandler Maness (Insane; The Vampire Diaries; The Ghostmaker), Vincent Rivera (Frankenstein’s Bride; Insane; Reality Terror Night).