Lizard Man – USA, 2012 – reviews

Lizard Man – aka LizardMan – is a 2012 horror film directed by Peter Dang from a screenplay by Francis Abbey and  Steve Goldenberg. It stars Michael Harding, James Lewis and Mike Gaglio.

Haunted by a terrifying incident in his past, billionaire Bill Hansen seeks revenge by enlisting a team of mercenaries and a television personality to capture and exploit a dangerous lizard-like creature…

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” …a fast paced and fun movie that, despite its very obvious budgetary issues, is actually quite a lot of fun to watch. Production values are decent too, the suit looks cool, the sets are effective and while the CGI blood spatter is fairly terrible, the camerawork is pretty solid too. All in all, a fun and quirky throwback.” Rock! Shock! Pop!

” …not as bad as I expected it to be. It’s one of those light-hearted movies that you zone out to but still be entertained. It’s definitely a treat to viewers who like their monsters bad and their movies worse.” Jennifer Turner, Terror Talk

“Director Peter Dang […] keeps the enjoyable story moving along at a quick pace, handles the premise with admirable seriousness and a refreshing dearth of pretense, and stages the savage attack scenes with flair (however, the use of painfully cruddy and obvious CGI blood does blunt the overall impact of said attack scenes).” IWoody Anders


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