Eaten Alive! – Italy, 1980 – overview

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‘Trapped in a jungle of crazy flesh eaters!’

Eaten Alive! – original title: Mangiati vivi! – is a 1980 Italian horror film written and directed by Umberto Lenzi (Nightmare City; Eyeball; Seven Blood-Stained Orchids; et al). The story is loosely based on the real-life Jonestown Massacre of 1978. Alternative titles include Doomed to DieThe Emerald Jungle and Eaten Alive by Cannibals.

The film stars Robert Kerman, Janet Agren, Paola Senatore, Mel Ferrer, Ivan Rassimov and Me Me Lai.

Janet Agren Eaten Alive!

Most of the violent scenes from the film were lifted from other movies in the genre, namely Lenzi’s previous cannibal film from 1972, The Man from Deep River; Ruggero Deodato’s Last Cannibal World and Sergio Martino’s The Mountain of the Cannibal God


At Niagara Falls and then in Manhattan, a trio of men are killed by an Asian assailant with a deadly blow-pipe. The police are baffled…

Meanwhile, Alabama-born Sheila (Janet Agren) is searching for her sister Diana (Paola Senatore), who has disappeared in New Guinea. Sheila hires American dropout Mark (Robert Kerman), and they encounter many jungle perils, especially when one of their guides is eaten by a crocodile.

It transpires that Diana has joined a “purification” cult run by a “cruel sadist” named Jonas (Ivan Rassimov). Jonas abuses his followers and local people alike…

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