WRAITH (2017) Overview


‘There’s something in my room’

Wraith is a 2017 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Michael O. Sajbel, making his feature debut. The movie stars Jackson Hurst, Ali Hillis and Lance Henriksen (Stung; Pumpkinhead; Aliens; et al).

After living in an old mansion for almost ten years a family suddenly discovers a ghost-like presence trying to communicate with them…

Director Sajbel told Post-Crescent.com: “The definition of wraith is a spirit or a ghost of someone immediately after their death or possibly before their death. In a typical ghost story, the people and the ghost certainly don’t want to interact with each other. And in the case of our film, the spirit in the house absolutely wants to make contact with them.”

Main cast:

Jackson Hurst, Ali Hillis, Lance Henriksen, Jensen Buchanan, Christopher Chisholm.

Filming locations:

Neenah, Appleton and Menasha, Wisconsin