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Who’s Watching Oliver is a 2017 American-Thai horror film directed and photographed by Richie Moore (making his feature debut) from a screenplay co-written with co-producer Raimund Huber and Russell Geoffrey Banks. The latter stars alongside Sara Malakul Lane and Margaret Roche.


Oliver (Russell Geoffrey Banks) is a mentally unstable loner lost in a psychotic life seemingly forced upon him. By night, Oliver aimlessly wanders the streets and bars of Thailand preying on innocent female victims a shocking killing spree.

Deranged murderer Oliver’s only possible way out of a mentally unstable existence comes in the form of the beautiful Sophia (Sara Malakul Lane) with her sweet eccentricity and naivety to the danger she has put herself in…


Who’s Watching Oliver presents some taboo subject matter in a unique way that caused me to be simultaneously repulsed and intrigued. The brilliance of the film and of Banks’s performance lies in the ability to entice the audience into Oliver’s world and cause us to legitimately care about Oliver while being completely mortified by his actions.” Anatomy of a Scream

“Russell Geoffrey Banks is great in the film. There were times when the character says something I just cringed with embarrassment. That doesn’t happen very often (or ever) in horror movies. And I’m not talking about laughing at a cheesy 1980 joke in Friday the 13th either, Bank’s portrayal of Oliver’s uncomfortableness around the other characters was just so perfect.” The Blood-Shed

“The themes explored in this film and the toxic dynamics in play between its central characters have certainly been done before, but Who’s Watching Oliver still makes them feel fresh and exciting. This is a tight, efficient story and it doesn’t overstay its welcome, which is certainly possible in a narrative of this nature.” Bloody Disgusting

Who’s Watching Oliver is graphic enough to be described as extreme horror. The gore can be shocking, but it’s not gratuitous […] Even at its darkest, the comic sensibilities of Who’s Watching Oliver keep it from becoming despairing, nihilistic.” Cultured Vultures

“The central performance of Banks as Oliver is impressive; the handsome co-writer transforms himself into the hunched weirdo character consistently and quite convincingly, and you may find yourself sympathizing with him despite the awful things he does. You may feel this even more so due to the over the top but fitting performance by Roche as the mother. Roche gives her a controlled sense of bitterness and her foul mouth will make you as uncomfortable as Oliver himself is.” Geek Rex

Who’s Watching Oliver succeeds in the study of broken characters and the horrible effect that family can (unfortunately) have on our lives. The scenes of torture are disturbing, but the effect that torture has on the titular character cuts even deeper. The film is well-crafted, powerfully acted, and above all, a fresh take on a crowded subgenre. You’ll love it.” Horror Geek Life

“While the film is definitely an actor’s piece, it also can tout a sleek production, with nice production values — which include powerful and well-done gore and great locations […] Deeply disturbing, surprisingly endearing and certainly memorable, Who’s Watching Oliver? Is worth a watch, but it is definitely not for all audiences.” Horrorfreak News

“This isn’t a film you’ll throw on and forget about. Oliver’s story will stay with you, his choices will affect you. The undertones of abuse not spoken about by Oliver, the jarring music and surreal settings of the movie all work brilliantly together. This is a slow-burning movie that doesn’t wrap everything up in the final frame, but give it the time it deserves and you will be thankful you did.” Monkeys Fighting Robots

Who’s Watching Oliver is an exceptionally well-made film, but the lack of subtext and deeper meaning makes it feel shallow and unconvincing. It’s disappointing, as the direction and acting are so solid that a stronger script would have elevated the film into something far more artful and interesting.” Scream magazine

“It’s deeply disturbing, not so much by what is actually shown (though there’s plenty of on-screen violence for sure) but by what can be read between the lines, by the bigger picture the film only hints at – which works 100% for the film -, and all the while the movie’s at the same time a very tender love story between two outcasts who only by the by grow into their relationship.” Search My Trash

” …the ontological violence is far more profound than the physical violence. The movie is really an assault or critique if you will on our sense of morality and decency.  If the movie is meant to shock it accomplishes its goal. The acting was nothing short of inspired.  It makes me feel gross saying it but Margaret Roche’s Mama was amazing.” Signal Horizon

“Banks actually makes us feel for Oliver even after we see what he’s capable of. He makes us understand the conflict between who he wants to be, and what his mother forces him to be. A twisted, brilliant film that won’t be for everyone, Who’s Watching Oliver grabs hold early and keeps you off guard up until it’s wonderfully twisted final shot.” Voices from the Balcony

“Co-writer and star Russell Geoffrey Banks wows as the unstable Oliver in one of the most layered and enjoyable serial killers portrayals I’ve seen on film. Margaret Roche mommies this mini-cast as a fun sociopath and second-hand sadist living vicariously through her son.” Without Your Head

Cast and characters:

Russell Geoffrey Banks … Oliver – Ghost HousePernicious, Cam2Cam
Sara Malakul Lane … Sophia – The Domicile; Beyond the GatesScouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse; Shark Lake; Cowboys vs Dinosaurs; Shortwave; Sun ChokePernicious; 12/12/12; Sharktopus
Margaret Roche … Mama
Cecilia Belletti … Cecilia
Champagne Nuttanun … Asian Girl
Kelly Woodcock … Clair


Gravitas Ventures released the movie on July 3, 2018, in the United States and Canada.

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