B&B (2017) Reviews and overview


‘They made their bed. Now they have to die in it.’

B&B is a 2017 British psychological black comedy thriller directed by Joe Ahearne (Trance; StrangeUltraviolet, Apparitions and Doctor Who). The Hummingbird Films production stars Paul McGann, Sean Teale and Tom Bateman.

Marc and Fred exercise their civil rights by checking in at a B&B run by devout Christian Jeff and his teenage son Paul. Jeff has already been successfully sued after he refused them a double bed.

The gay couple have come back to demonstrate who’s in the minority now. All goes to plan until a thuggish Russian checks in. Is Alex a fellow gay campaigner or a neo-Nazi come to support homophobia overseas? The gay couple begin to fear they’ve been set up for a beating. A terrifying death occurs but not the one expected. When Marc and Fred uncover a cold-blooded murder they realize they’re next…

B&B is a black comedy thriller about two guys who take a holiday for a joke, which goes badly wrong. I love Hitchcock and all kinds of suspense thrillers but I’ve not seen any where it’s about a couple. Gay movies are mostly boy meets boy or boy meets fatal disease, they’re character studies. Our guys are already an item and they face danger together.

And as the stakes escalate horribly, the last thing they lose is their sense of humour. Good suspense is inextricably linked to humour – Hitchcock called Psycho a black comedy. B&B is like the couple from Withnail and I checked into the Bates Motel,” says writer/director Joe Ahearne.


“It’s immersive, fast paced and really well done in every way. Great performances from the entire cast who are fantastic in their roles, Callum Woodhouse is a little wooden at first but when you get to know his character you warm to him a lot more. All the elements fit well together to create a thoroughly enjoyable film…” Sarah Budd, Horror Screams Video Vault

“It has repeated night-vision cottaging footage and plenty of excuses to have the buff characters go shirtless, but in the end this is a gay slant on the isolated mystery/suspense situation rather than a serious engagement with contemporary issues (and, frankly, all the better for it).” The Kim Newman Web Site

Filming locations:

Bristol, England

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