BEWARE THE LAKE (2017) Reviews and overview


‘There are secrets in the water’

Beware the Lake aka The Lake – is a 2017 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Elgin Cahill from a screenplay co-written with Wendy Winterbourne. The Chestnut Tree Films production stars Jonathan Lipnicki, Vivienne Bersin and Anja Knebl.


Tabitha Dalca is the new girl in town. When she catches the eye of local football hero Mason Clay, she gets on the bad side of high school cheerleading captain, Blair Preston, Mason’s “off-again” ex.

In a cruel gesture of fake friendship, Blair and her cheerleading squad lure Tabitha up to the lake for drinks and a late night swim. They leave Tabitha drugged, drunk and stranded.

Blair calls Wyatt and Charlie, a couple of local good-old boys, and tells them that Tabitha wants to party. Things quickly get rough and out of control… and Wyatt and Charlie drag Tabitha’s dead body into the lake.

Drina, Tabitha’s Romanian aunt, performs an ancient gypsy ceremony to bring Tabitha back to life, to take revenge on those who betrayed her…


” …it never achieves a solid footing for the viewer. It tries to present a supernatural concept for a rape-revenge, movie, however, it’s best to not to combine them if there’s a lack of budget and talent, while Anja Knebl gives a solid performance, the story struggles to convince the viewers of a frightening tale.” The Horror Times

“The horror here is more jump scares and the eerie visual of our living dead girl, not rampantbloodshed. The dialogue is fine, but not much that stands out. The police have some humorous lines and the local hicks provide a one-liner or two, but that’s about it. The writing isn’t bad, it just doesn’t get too wild or outlandish.” Marc Fusion

“Low-budget all the way but the acting is good and the victims are quite attractive. For a standard but entertaining ghost/revenge film, enjoy Beware the Lake.” Zisi Emporium for B Movies


The film was released on DVD in the US on August 22, 2017, by Wild Eye Releasing.

Cast and characters:

• Jonathan Lipnicki … Mason – (Circus Kane; Bering Sea Beast; Shark Pool)
• Stephen Kramer Glickman … Sheriff Grimes
• Anja Knebl … Tabitha
• JP Dayton … Max (as J.P. Dayton)
• Ava Dalgaard … Blair
• India Wanebo … Haylie
• Madeline Walters … Bree
• Rylie Manross … Tiffany
• Jeremy Anderson … Dustin
• Conner Greenhalgh … Colin
• Matthew Dayton … Mark
• Drew Dayton … Micah
• Allison Marie Volk … Deputy Johnson (as Allison Volk)
• Cody Dermon … Wyatt
• Jason Knauf … Charlie

Filming locations:

• Bailey, Commerce City and Lake Sangraco, Colorado