México Bárbaro II – Mexico, 2017 – overview and reviews

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Artwork by Aldo Yu

México Bárbaro II is a 2017 Mexican horror anthology film and a sequel to México Bárbaro (2014).

Nine Mexican directors come together to narrate traditions and more brutal, ruthless and bizarre legends of our country.
México Bárbaro II shows the world stories that are part of our popular culture, from sweet stories told by our grandmothers, the tooth fairy, witchcraft, the story behind the weeping woman, Devil servers, a pagan hero, the burnt woman, up to ancestral culinary bloody rites. Traditions and legends that today continue to cause terror among Mexican people…

The nine segments were directed by:

  • Diego Cohen – segment “Paidós Phobos”
  • Christian Cueva – segment “Bolas De Fuego”
  • Ricardo Farias – segment “Bolas de Fuego”
  • Michelle Garza – segment “Vitriol”
  • Carlos Meléndez – segment “Ya Es Hora”
  • Lex Ortega – segment “Exodoncia”
  • Abraham Sánchez – segment “La Leyenda De Juan Soldado”
  • Sergio Tello – segment “No Te Duermas”
  • Fernando Urdapilleta – segment “Potzonalli”

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“The horror quotient is high with a steady amount of violence and gore on screen. Diversity in the delivery means that Mexico Barbaro 2 stands a better chance of reaching more people. The less serious tone of this second chapter of this anthology series, by chance from the sound of it, stands to reach out to more types of horror fans…” Screen Anarchy


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