HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS (1970) reviews and overview



‘You’ll scream yourself into a state of shock when you see-‘

Horror of the Blood Monsters is a 1970 American science fiction-horror movie produced and directed by Al Adamson (Dracula vs. FrankensteinBrain of Blood; Nurse Sherri).

The film stars John Carradine, Robert Dix (Las Vegas StranglerBlood of Dracula’s Castle), Vicki Volante (Brain of Blood), Joey Benson (Gallery of Horror), Jennifer Bishop (Bigfoot; House of Terror; Impulse), Bruce Powers, Fred Meyers, Britt Semand.

The film’s caveman footage was derived from a 1965 Filipino movie – Tagani – then even older stock footage clips of various screen monsters were added. As these clips were in black and white they were tinted various colours using a fake gimmick named ‘Spectrum X’. The film has also been released as Space Mission to the Lost Planet; Vampire Men of the Lost Planet and The Flesh Creatures.


In the near future, when an intergalactic vampire plague threatens Earth, an expedition travels a distant galaxy in hopes of discovering the plague’s source…


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“The idiocy of the plot is so mind-numbing that I still could not explain to you what the film was about.  There were giant mutant crabs, space vampires, something which looked suspiciously like part of a Dokken music video, and a John Carradine either hard-up for cash or–more likely–kidnapped for the role.” Cheap as They Come


“The Filipino-shot scenes are actually quite impressive and deal with a number of battling caveman tribes (some which are dubbed by Paul Frees!), including long-toothed vampires, bat demons that fly (heavily made-up dwarves on wires), lobster men that live in the water, and a race of snake-men (well, men with small snakes coming out of their shoulders — kill the snake, and you kill the man) …” George R. Reis, DVD Drive-In

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‘The bulk of the planetary scenes are taken up between battles between the peaceful Tagani and the brutish Tubeton (who have fangs – the nearest we get to any actual vampires). These contain some bizarrely entertaining scenes – like where the people are attacked by crab men (extras with pincer appliances on their hands) and a cave full of hairy winged bat creatures that are played by dwarves.’ Moria

‘Oh this is poor… I mean really, really poor. The cut and paste makes little sense and doesn’t work story wise. One can’t even say it is art, simply butchery. The cast are uniformly poor, with the exception of Vicki Volante who is masterful in her ability to count backwards! Poor old John Carradine seems, in turns, bemused and annoyed by the whole thing.’ Taliesen Meets the Vampires

” …a dull, excruciating and un-frightening little science fiction flapjack that looks and smells like a piece of green cheese.” New York Times




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