MIDNIGHTERS (2017) Reviews and overview


‘Killing is easy, getting away with it is murder.’

Midnighters is a 2017 American horror thriller feature film directed by Julius Ramsay (TV series The Walking Dead; Scream) from a screenplay by producer Alston Ramsay. The Graystone Pictures production stars Alex Essoe, Perla Haney-Jardine and Dylan McTee.


While driving home on New Year’s Eve, a married couple hits and kills a vagrant wandering on the road. After taking the body home in a panic, they realize that the man wasn’t dead after all — and that their lives are in fact already intertwined with his…


” …Midnighters is wrought with a palpable tension that hits amazing heights during the film’s final 20 minutes, and while a lot of it is due to Alston Ramsay’s script, as a filmmaker, Julius Ramsay smartly relies on his entire ensemble to dig deep with these characters that might have felt a bit more like “stock characters” had they been in lesser hands.” Daily Dead

Midnighters delivers a well-constructed script that will cast much doubt on what road our characters travel on leaving the plot highly unpredictable, which was a real treat as most films lately have been drenched with predictability. From the start, I noticed that many of the scenes were poorly lit, however to my amazement this added to the already tense scenes throughout the film.” iHorror.com

“For the story to really sizzle, Midnighters is in search of a stylistic spark it never fully finds. Mood is instead strangely tuned for a supernatural ghost story in a Gothic haunted house, which is not where this dial should be set. That’s not a crippling misstep, but it is a critical one.” Culture Crypt

“It’s an odd little film that’s particularly problematic in its screenplay, which should’ve gotten a more thorough, more critical edit, and the direction, which was conventional and unimaginative at best. All in all, Midnighters is quite average, and more frustrating than thrilling. Least of all is it a horror, another misleading bit of communication.” Film Inquiry:

“It’s pretty gnarly. And there are some good “boo” moments – all organically rising out of the film’s circumstances. With a perfectly-constructed mystery which will keep you guessing, excellent performances and great production values…” Horrorfreak News

Main cast:

  • Alex Essoe – BedeviledThe Neighbor; Starry Eyes
  • Perla Haney-Jardine
  • Dylan McTee
  • Ward Horton
  • Joseph Lee Anderson
  • Andrew Rothenberg
  • David Spadora
  • K.C. Faldasz
  • George Barber
  • Jessica Noboa
  • William Bloomfield
  • Tom Palleschi
  • Ralph Petrarca

Fun Facts:

The film’s working title was Revelers.

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